Foam Flower 2 For $9.99

  • Foam Flower, Tiarella Cordifolia, is a clump-forming and spreading perennial.
  • Foam Flower 2 For $9.99
  • Foam Flowers is a charming, shade-loving foliage plant for the woodland gardens.
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Under 3 Feet
Year Round
Planting Zones 3-8
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Foam Flower is one of the many species of Tiarella, a genus of wildflowers and garden plants found in Asia and North America

Foam Flower is one of the many species of Tiarella, a genus of wildflowers and garden plants found in Asia and North America. Foamflower grows on various soils and is best grown in full shade or dappled light. Its heart-shaped leaves are pale green and turn bronze in fall. It produces a spike of starry white flowers on 4- to 12-inch stems. It is self-sower and will grow anywhere, so don't be afraid to give it a try. 


 These fragrant flowers are not just pretty; they have therapeutic properties. Foam flowers have been used for centuries as a form of homeopathy since the 1900s. The therapeutic benefits of foamflower can help you relax after a stressful day. Just looking at them can lift anyone's spirits. 


 One way to use foam flowers is by mixing a couple of petals of it with your morning water. Alternatively, you can even make a bouquet out of the petals. If you don't have the time to arrange a bouquet, you can use flower essence remedies to create beautiful arrangements.


 You can use foam flowers to decorate almost any occasion. The best part about the foam flower is its versatility. If you've ever arranged a bouquet or a centerpiece and were disappointed with how flat the petals were, foam flowers are the perfect solution. 

 These beautiful and versatile creations are a great way to show your creativity without spending hours on them. 


Foam flowers are easy to plant


 This type of flower is easy to make, but there are some essential things to remember when building them. First, ensure that the cut surface of the stem is the top side of the flower. Then, gently push the cut end of the stem upwards so that the bloom presses against the foam. 

  That will ensure that the petals stay firmly attached to the flower. This step is essential for a long-lasting flower. Once it is arranged, the petals will be firm and look lovely.

 They are Just the Best

 Foam flowers can make any space come alive! They are easy to make and fun to use. Try them out and see for yourself. Thank me later.

Foam flowers can be purchaced online at Tn Nursery

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