Flowering Vines For Zone 8

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Flowering Vines Perfect For Zone 8 

 Several flowering vines will grow in zone 8 and produce beautiful fragrant blooms to enjoy in the Spring and early Summer. Vines such as Creeping Phlox, Wisteria, Touch-Me-Not’s, and Trumpet Vine Plants can attract hummingbirds and butterflies as well as perfume the air with intoxicating fragrances. This article will find the name and descriptions of the most popular ones that will grow well in this zone. 

 Creeping phlox is a very dense ground cover that will produce purple flowers in the late spring and early summer. These fragrant buds attract honeybees with their intense fragrance. The plant needs full sunlight and is ideal for growing on steep hillsides or edging around a garden bed. It will grow up to 12 inches per year. 

 Flowering vines for zone 8, wisteria grows well in this zone and blooms in the early spring


 It likes full sun and well-drained, sandy soil. It will grow into a large bush that will have a weeping effect. The flowers are like a cluster of grapes and emit a heady smell that will fill the air in the evening. They come in several colors, but the most common colors are purple, blue, and white. 

 Touch-me-not is an annual vine member of the buttercup family and will grow approximately 2-5ft tall. The flowers are unique in shape, with white or orange petals that will attract hummingbirds to the area. This plant grows wild in this zone and produces flowers in the late summer and fall, providing a splash of color after most other plants have stopped blooming. They are not picky about sunlight and will grow in the shade or full sun. 

 Several more species of flowering vines will grow well in zone 8, such as the trumpet vine, wild ginger, purple violets, geraniums, and foam flowers. Good luck choosing just one!

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