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Flowering Vines Perfect For Zone 10 

People who buy flowering vines for zone 10, which covers the Southernmost parts of Florida, and long stretches of the California coast, are very concerned about buying flowering vines that fit their region.


 They need not be concerned, however, because the USA hardiness zones, established by the Department of Agriculture, are only concerned with the coldest average winter temperatures, so pretty much any plant that will survive the winter in places such as

 Montana or South Dakota will survive well in Southern Florida or Coastal California.


 Isn't that great? Naturally, you do need to water deep so that the roots of your vines do not become lazy and fail to take root sincerely. And never water in the sun. Either do your watering in the early morning or the early evening. But those precautions alone will generally be enough to protect most of your vines from the sun.


 Treenurseryco.com, voted the nation's #1 mail-order nursery, sells flowering vines that will work perfectly for those in zone 10 provided you take the necessary heat precautions.


 The first is the Trumpet Vine Plant.


 These sun lovers will produce beautiful scarlet or orange, trumpet-shaped flowers that are truly spectacular. And when provided a structure to climb, they can grow to great heights


 Next are Periwinkle plants. 


 Periwinkle plants produce delicate purple blooms, the ideal mixture of leaves and flowering plants. And in zone 10. they are liable to bloom both in the spring and the fall. 


 Although periwinkle plants generally prefer a little shade, they do well in sunny areas as well, making them hardy, multidimensional vine for your garden. 


 Finally, don't forget about our ground cover grab bags. You can buy them in a set, which makes a very economical way to fill the voids in your garden.

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