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Evergreen Conifers are typically a natural choice for areas with limited space


As the name suggests, evergreens are trees that retain their green color all year round, unlike the deciduous trees that change color with seasons or even wilt their leaves away. One of the most planted evergreens is the eastern red cedar tree. Conifers, on the other hand, are the trees that bear cones instead of flowers. A good example is the bull pine tree. Though the two classifications are different, some species fall in the two brackets, such as the Loblolly Pine.


 The beauty of an evergreen conifer is having its needle-shaped leaves remaining green for the rest of the year


 They maintain their full size and shape, and this attribute makes them very suitable for fences to give you privacy and shade. If you're looking for a living fence for your home or swimming pool, this is the way to go. These trees are also very suitable for landscaping and soil erosion control. With these in your compound, you have more than one use for them. You will be preserving the environment while also enjoying the cool shade on a hot afternoon. 


 Having a conifer in your compound will require more effort in landscape maintenance. The trees with more giant cones like the red cedar tree can prove to be a bit messy, especially if you park your car under it. However, those with smaller cones, such as the shortleaf pine tree, are not as messy. However, pine trees and cones are a bonus addition to Christmas decorations.


 Pine trees have a pleasant scent, which is a bonus when planted around the compound. They also act as windbreakers to keep you from extreme wind. Since the branches are full most of the time, they attract birds to build nests on them. Another significant advantage of the evergreen conifers is the ability of most of them to grow fast with little maintenance. They also have a long lifespan and are suitable for lumber when old. Therefore, if you are looking for an evergreen conifer, all you need to do is get to know which one will best survive in your area and start planting.

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