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1. Periwinkle

2. English Ivy

3. Wintercreeper

4. Virginia Creeper

5. Trumpet Vine


Periwinkle Plants 

Some flowers make a statement; however, few make a statement as spectacular as the periwinkle. In fact, without fail, each of its four species that inhabit the Earth's temperate zones makes the bold claim that "I am purple." Because of its vivid color and striking beauty, this flower is considered by many to be one of nature's most perfect creations.


 Periwinkle plants are native to North America's temperate zones and typically grow in moist but well-drained soil. They prefer a sunny location as, like many plants, they are more susceptible to cold in the shade. Like many fragrant flowers, periwinkle plants prefer to be planted where you can smell them easily. They are commonly seen in gardens and meadows and on top of small hills where you can admire them from afar. They are so well-liked that they are often planted in ornamental pots for indoor enjoyment.


 The Periwinkle plant is considered a perennial, and it can be grown as an annual or biennial, depending on the climate and time of year it is planted. A periwinkle plant generally reaches maturity within one to three years. Once it becomes established, it will bloom prolifically until its death.


 Evergreen is a plant which has foliage that remains green and functional in the winter months 


 The life span of the periwinkle plant depends on the variety and climate in which it is planted. It can live anywhere between three to thirty years. Periwinkle plants are considered perennial when they live longer than four years, but some varieties may die back every year without fail, only to sprout again from their rootstock in the spring.


 The periwinkle plant is generally small compared to other ornamental flowers, but this does not keep it from being a show stopper. It can grow between six to eighteen inches high and typically has anywhere from 3-18 pink or purple flowers.


 Periwinkle plants typically have thin stems that the weight of their flowers can easily bend. They are also lovely when not in bloom, making them an excellent choice for a home garden or the yard.


 The flower itself is considered to be long-lasting and prized for many reasons. The petals of each periwinkle plant differ from one another and wear thin with age, which can either be good or bad.

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