• American Elm Tree can increase and can reach a height of 80 to 130 feet, with a width of around 60 and 120 feet.
  • American Elm Tree  bark of this Tree is a dark grayish-brown color and contains broad ridges with diamond-shaped fissures.
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Bloom Season
Bloom Color
Height At Maturity
Over 20 Feet
November Through April
Planting Zones 2-9
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Ships November through April


Elm Tree is the ideal tree to grow in urban areas due to its tolerance to pollution, fast growth rate, and ability to thrive in damp soil

With a lifespan of over 300 years and a beautiful canopy, this tree will transform your outdoor space into a natural haven.
These handsomely dressed trees can be used as a focal point in your landscape. They are native to North America and are known for their excellent form and texture, making them perfect for your landscape.
Superb for adding beauty and maximum height to your landscapes, the Elm Tree is a long-lasting, hardy landscaping addition. This tree can handle heavy winds and searing hot weather.
The beautifully symmetrical, vase-shaped, symmetrical crown of this tree is the perfect addition to any yard or garden. It's an impressive centerpiece and works wonderfully as a focal point in any living space!

 Elm Tree is a unique and beautiful addition to your outdoor living space


This gorgeous tree is perfect for small gardens, patios, and walkways.
A great way to truly enjoy the beauty of nature is through organic gardening. The underside of the leaf is a lighter shade of green and will always be soft to the touch. It's perfect for a houseplant or anyone who wants a unique design in their home or office.
It is a beautiful, hardwood tree with yellow fall leaves and tiny flowers that attract pollinators.
The Elm Tree is a deciduous tree that features distinctive, featherlike leaves and light-green fruits called elm nuts. The tree is considered sacred because of its historical use as the central decoration in yards. The plant is typically found across the northern part of Europe and Asia.
These leaves typically turn into a light yellowish color in the fall. Although not noticeable to people, these tiny flowers attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Seed pods form as light-green wafer-like pockets, eventually turning into round yellowish fruit.

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