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  • Pin Cushion Moss
  • Cushion Moss  often known as white moss, is a plant species for its plush, slightly grayish-white, and green coloration.
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Planting Zones 4-10
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Cushion Moss is selected just for your zone

Leucobryum glaucum or Cushion moss belongs to the White Moss family. Plants in this family grow between 50 and 100 cm in length. These plants have leaves that are 5 to 9mm long. The leaves of these plants from this family spread from the center. Cushion Moss is known for its grayish-green color, tufts, or dense and compact cushions. Once this plant is fully grown, it tends to have a low dome shape. It grows to about 12 cm tall. 

How to Grow Cushion Moss

 This plant thrives in moist areas. The best areas to grow cushion plants are medium to heavy shade locations. One thing about cushion moss is that it doesn’t absorb nutrients. That means that soil composition isn’t significant. Besides, it requires a stable base and sand to grow. It is advisable to break it up into pieces before planting. This will ensure that it isn’t covered with any debris. 

Preparing the Ground

 • Remove weeds and grass from the ground. This can be done using chemical or mechanical methods. 

 • Smooth the ground to remove air pockets. 

 • Ensure the ground is compact. 

 • Spruce up the ground. That can be done using paving stones or rocks to prevent leaf litter from accumulating.


Cushion Moss may tolerate a drier climate

Planting Cushion Moss

 That means that fall and spring seasons are ideal for planting it. That should be done by first creating the right soil conditions. Secondly, you should ensure that the soil is firm and packed. The soil should have proper drainage. You may use sulfur powder if the soil is too alkaline; This will help acidify the soil. The target soil pH should be between 5 and 6. Additionally, cushion moss thrives in a moist environment; hence, ensure you thoroughly water the moss plant. 


 • Cushion moss helps in absorbing harmful toxins from wet surfaces. 

 • Treats conditions such as muscle cramps, inflammation, and nausea 

 • Prevents soil erosion 

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