Coontail Plant - 10 For $19.99

  • Coontail Plant - 10 For $19.99
  • Coontail Plant is an aquatic plant that grows beneath the surface.
  • Coontail Plant grow in a variety of colors.
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Native Plants
Height At Maturity
Under 10 Feet
Year Round
Planting Zones 5-11
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Coontail Plants 

Coontail plants are bright green perennials found in the woods and swamps of North America every summer. Although they can reach up to four feet high, they have shallow roots and are easily uprooted from the ground. They spread by sending out new shoots that root themselves at their base.

 Coontail plants have thin stalks with small leaves that grow on either side of the stalk to form a shape like a flat fan or propeller. The top center portion of the leaf will be the coontail's "tail," which is very similar in appearance to a cobra. Next to the tail is a seed cone that resembles an apple seed. The seed cones are brown and pointed with a papery covering. When the coontail plant blossoms, it produces small flowers with four lobes on top that resemble pineapples.


Coontails are herbaceous plants and only reproduce by spreading seeds by aerial rootlets to root themselves at their base

 Coontail can be found in the wild and are usually a sign of very wet conditions. They will grow in clusters on the edge of creeks, ponds, swamps, streams, and small lakes. The leaves of a coontail plant can grow as wide as one foot across and as long as three feet in length.

 The Coontail plant is easily cultivated in the home. You can keep them in pots and place them outdoors, where they will thrive in a sunny location. They need excellent drainage due to the shallow roots. They will grow well in moist soils but are not very picky with soil. As long as they are wet all of the time, they should flourish.

 Coontails will grow in any relatively warm and moist location, including indoors if you desire a houseplant. They are pretty hardy, which makes them a good choice for beginners. Coontail plants enjoy being wet at all times and will wither up and die if you forget to water them for two to three days. If you do forget, try soaking the plant in a bucket of water for several hours to revive it before placing it back in its pot.

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