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Clearance Flowers are great for decorating your lawn at lower price

Flowers enhance the aesthetic appeal of any lawn. However, many homeowners find the cost of flowers and plants overwhelming. With our selection of clearance flowers, decorating your lawn for less is accessible. If you are ready to create an appealing lawn, check out our great selection of clearance flowers today.


Hummingbird Plant


 The Hummingbird Plant is designed for zones 5 - 9. It produces purple, orange, or yellow velvety blooms that are easy on the eye. The plant blooms in late spring and lasts for several weeks.


 Hummingbirds devour this plant for its sweet nectar. Bird lovers and bird feeders appreciate the plant since it attracts birds into the lawn. 


Great for first-time and beginner gardeners


Japanese Snowballs


 Designed for planting zones 5 - 8, the Japanese Snowballs flower grows 8 to 15-feet high, producing beautiful snowball-like blooms in early spring. These blooms typically last until early fall.


 The Japanese Snowball flower requires little maintenance since it is drought-tolerant. The Japanese Snowball adds charm and appeal to any home with its extra-large, fluffy blooms of white petals, especially now that it's available in our clearance section.


Blue Vervain


 Bold and blue is the best way to describe the Blue Vervain flower. There's no hiding the luscious, filled blooms on this plant. Designed for Zones 3- 9, expect beautiful orange or purple blooms in the early summer months.


 This flower grows best near water and requires lots of daily sunlight. It is a plant best for novice growers since it does require time and dedication to maintain its good health.


Clearance Flowers


 We update our list of clearance flowers often. Check back for incredible deals on your favorite varieties. Or, go ahead and choose one of the current specials to decorate your lawn.

 Clearance Plants are For Sale online with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

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