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Zone nine is generally located only in the southernmost tip of Texas and Louisiana. The most challenging part about gardening in this area is how to deal with the 100+ degree heat of San Antonia. As such, zone 9 plants are those capable of surviving and thriving in very humid temperatures, but they still will need a lot of water!!! These typically include Creeping Phlox, Solomon’s Seal, and Red Hibiscus. Several flowering vine species found there include the Largeleaf Phlox and Wisteria Vines. These plants grow in the southernmost part of the Appalachian Mountains; their stems can often grow several feet per year.

Zone 9 plants often require very little gardening maintenance


 Creeping Phlox is a fern (Phlox Stoloniferous) that blossoms five-petal flowers in the very late spring and summer months. It can survive on the ground and even in the cracks on the walls. It stays green all year long and is one of several plants that can survive very humid conditions in the summer. Likewise, Solomon’s Seal is a garden plant with arching branches that produce tiny, white, bell-shaped blossoms. It is a plant that thrives in the shade, can withstand a scorching summer and needs moist, very nutrient-rich soil.


 Finally, Red Hibiscus is fast-growing and has multi-colored (often red) magnificent blooms that can be as large as six inches in diameter. The Red Hibiscus is a striking flower often found in wetlands, swamps, and marshes in Georgia or Alabama. It also needs much moisture and moist soil to thrive. The plants typical to zone nine can withstand humidity and summer temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, the excellent quality of all these plants is that their hardy nature requires not as much gardening maintenance, and they can live in a variety of conditions on the ground.

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