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Spiraea japonica



 It is a delicious shrub that blooms from May to June. The flowers are produced in dense cymes and are usually white or blue. It is a famous garden plant that grows happily in moist soil and loves the sun. The flowers on this shrub look great when massed together at the side of a path. It is also a handsome shrub for a small front yard, especially if it has room for an occasional pruning to limit its size, but not so much as to keep it from its use as an ornamental shrub. It is an excellent variety with good resistance to lime and moderate drought tolerance.


Hummingbird Plant Package-6 Plants



 It is an adaptable long-lasting shrub and cactus from Zone 8. An evergreen succulent with thick leaves and beautiful flowers. It has bright green leaves and white florets that make for spectacular flowers. Additionally, this is a spikey plant with golden yellow flowers: pad-shaped leaves and positive growth.


Nikko Blue Hydrangea 12-18"



 It is a vigorous and deciduous shrub and evergreen. It is a bushy plant with large, deciduous, dark green leaves on twiggy branches. In spring, it has clusters of bell-shaped, light blue flower heads arranged in short clusters near the ends of the branches. Deep blue fruit clusters follow its flowers. The fruits persist throughout winter and into spring.


Japanese Snowball



 This enormous plant would win over the heart of any gardener with its lacy white globe flowers and smooth-textured leaves. It is one of the hardiest trees you can get your hands on. It is predominantly evergreen, maintaining its bright white flowers all year round. A mature plant can serve as a good backdrop for any garden and add a splash of color. It is recommended to plant this shrub in full sun to light shade in moist but well-drained soil. It is necessary to provide a winter mulch to protect it from severe cold and occasional snow cover. This plant attracts butterflies for aesthetics within your garden.


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