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The geography and the climate that Zone 10 plants thrive in are scorching, humid temperatures of well above 100 degrees, particularly in the summer months. Plants sold in the in zone 10 include Blue Gamma Grass, Mountain Sedge, and the very radiant blooms of the Marsh Hibiscus flower. 


 Plants, flowers, and trees/shrubs that maintain well in the zone 10 climates often lie close to the ground, shaded areas, and prefer nutrient-rich, moist soil. That is because this zone is sub-tropical, particularly southern Florida, and the areas of Key West are, given-and-take, about 400 miles closer to the tropics than any other area in the United States. Southern Texas likewise is a near neighbor of the dry humidity of Mexican deserts. Florida is notably also the thunderstorm capital of the country, with mainly the southern region getting the most impact from incoming tropical tornados from the Gulf of Mexico; the average seasonal temperature is about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

 Blue Gamma Grass is a notably attractive blue/green in color with, when left unmowed, blue seed heads. This grass grows to about one foot in height and is the perfect ornamental feature of any sophisticated garden. It thrives best in rich, moist soil and under humid summer temperatures. Likewise, Mountain Sedge is also an attractive sedge grass that blooms bright green or purple flowers. It can be found at high altitudes and grow in soil, loam, or even clay deposits. Insects such as caterpillars often feast on sedge grass, so it is best to grow it in a garden to bring in some animals to balance out the food chain. 

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Finally, Marsh Hibiscus is a shrub that grows from 2 to ten feet in height and blooms a fantastic red/pink flower with five petals. Even though it is beautiful in its blooming season, it is also very hardy and requires little maintenance, making it the perfect starter plant for novice gardeners. All that the plant needs is much water, and it can survive year and year in a variety of temperatures and conditions. Zone 10 plants are generally very hardy and have unusual features, making them the perfect addition to various gardens.


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