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Plant Exposure- Sun or Shade 


 As the days get longer and warmer, we are urged to consider exposing our plants. The majority of people will naturally prefer sun-exposed plants to provide the plant with needed light and warmth. However, it would help if you considered both options to benefit your plant's health.


 Plant exposure is just as significant as when and how much water you give them; many factors decide how best to care for your plants. When we design our garden or landscape, many of us are first drawn to the big picture, sometimes overlooking the detail and components that make up the composition.


 So what is so essential about plant exposure? Well, it is all in how you want your plants to look and how you want them to grow! Sun-exposed plants will have vibrant green leaves, whereas shade plants may have a duller green color. Sun-exposed plants tend to have more lush growth with more buds and blooms, whereas shade plants may have slower growth and less abundant blooms and buds. Sun-exposed plants will generally produce more flowers and fruit than shade plants.


 In general, sun-exposed plants will do better in warmer temperatures sunny areas and grow best with minimum to little water during winter. Sun-exposed plants like to be watered regularly, though you may need to water less during cooler months when they are dormant. In comparison, shade plants need more consistent water and can be in the ground all year round if you desire.


 Plant exposure can affect the size of your plants


 If you have a smaller home, you may want to avoid sun-exposed plants as they can grow to be quite large and may not fit into your desired landscape. On the other hand, Shade plants tend to stay smaller and are suited for smaller homes and patios than the more intense light of sun-exposed plants.


 So before you plant that beautiful flowering shrub in your front yard, consider if it will grow too fast for its space. Also, if you want to grow that beautiful flowering tree, consider the amount of space you have. Plant exposure can also affect your plants' health by making them more susceptible to certain diseases, like fungus and algae.

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