Bushy Bluestem - 10 For $19.99

  • Bushy Bluestem can grow as high as 3-6 feet without proper maintenance and trimming.
  • Bushy Bluestem looks best in full sunlight, as it makes a reflection off the surface.
  • Bushy Bluestem can tolerate both salinity and poor drainage and thrive best when drainage is not at its finest.
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Bloom Season
Bloom Color
Year Round
Height At Maturity
Under 10 Feet
Native Grasses
Planting Zones 5-9
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Bushy Bluestem is a beautiful plant that can be used in various ways

It is suitable for ornamental and functional purposes and thrives in many environments. This plant is a perfect choice whether you need it for your garden or as fodder for grazing animals. It's easy to grow, even in harsh conditions. For instance, if you have poor drainage, you can plant it in a low-lying area, and it will do just fine. This grass can be used in any part of the world. Growing well in almost any soil, this plant can also grow in a container.

The best lawn in the neighborhood is not an accident. It's an investment. And with Bushy Bluestem, you can enjoy a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn that's easy to maintain without spending hours on your hands and knees.
It is a wildflower that is easy to grow, even for those who may not be the most green-fingered. It can grow with other plants in a similar pattern, flourishing in cool temperate climates surrounded by plenty of sunlight.
Add this plant to your garden to have a more diverse and beautiful environment!

Bushy Bluestem has an excellent, easy-going manner that makes it a perfect partner for dry prairies

When paired with long-standing prairie flowers like Prairie Blazingstar, Gayfeather, and Rosinweed, this plant can create beautiful scenes and provide quality cover for the ground.
It is a type of plant that can be significant for naturalizing a landscape area. This plant does well around water features and in the back of the rain garden. It is also beneficial at controlling erosion on banks.

It is a beautiful plant that you can use to make your backyard green while still looking for natural habitat.
It is a versatile grass that can be used for many landscaping needs. With large, upright leaves and reddish-brown flowers in the summer, this grass is a natural choice for any garden.

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