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  • Blazing Star Plant tall purple flower spires make a dramatic statement when used as the focal point of a bouquet.
  • Blazing Star Plant  is an ideal back of the border plant in everything from formal gardens to casual cottage gardens.
  • Blazing Star Plant  continue to add interest and color to the landscape for weeks with orange-bronze stalks and foliage in autumn topped by wheat-colored seed pods.
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Bloom Color
Bloom Season
Bloom Season
Year Round
Height At Maturity
Under 3 Feet
Planting Zones 3-9
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Blazing Star is a perennial flowering plant that grows well from mid-summer and grows through the fall

 This plant is also known as a blazing marsh star. It belongs to an Aster family and grows well in shady or partially shaded areas. It is an excellent choice for gardens, flower beds, dry fields, and naturalized areas. It's a perennial flowering plant with a bright, apple-like scent.

These plants grow well from mid-summer through fall, grow through the winter, and bloom from early spring to late summer with their fiery flowers.
There's no need for dirt! With its unique root system and infinite feedings, the plant will thrive without the need for soil. This beautiful wildflower plant is perfect for attracting pollinators.
It is a beautiful plant with bright, large blooms and is easily grown with no soil. It attracts pollinators such as monarch butterflies, flower moths, and more.

Blazing star is a wildflower variety that is a great source of nectar

This native plant grows in soil-less conditions without special care or attention and will attract pollinators through the bright and vibrant blossoms.
Placing your order for a blazing star plant is easy! Just visit our website, click add to cart, choose a shipping method and payment option, and within minutes you'll be on your way to growing these beautiful herbs in your garden.
Some plants will grow so well in your garden that they can produce up to 8 or 10 spikes, while others will only produce 1 to 3.
Blazing Star Plant is a favorite among gardeners of all skill levels and types. This herbaceous perennial is also perfect for beginners. It's easy to grow, maintain, and bloom reliably from spring through summer. Additionally, these living works of art can tolerate light shade, and many flower colors are available for your choice.

 Blazing stars are for sale at our online website at Tn Nursery

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