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Birding Plants are those that birds can use to build nests in and raise their young birds

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Birding Plants

1. Impatiens Capensis

2. Trumpet Vine

3. Wisteria

4. Wild Aster

5. Spirea

Buying and then attracting birding plants from, the Nation's #1 Mail Order Nursery, is a smart move if you want to attract birds in and around your property.

Unfamiliar with the term birding plants? Birding plants are those that birds can use to build nests in and raise their young birds. 


 Unfortunately, in many areas of the country, birds have a tough time finding the necessary resources to flourish due to the development of so many   housing products.

 Many people, of course, put up bird feeders to attract birds, but that may not be enough.

 Most birds have to worry about becoming prey from cats, foxes, and aerial predators like Hawks.


 Believe it or not, birds do not necessarily nest in trees but rather prefer to nest in shrubs with enough cover. It may be in a tree such as a Crabapple Tree,   a Mulberry Tree, or a Virginia Pine Tree, but it can also be in shrubs such as Prairie Dropseed Plants, Panigrass Plants, Bushy Bluestem, Blackberry Shrubs,   or more.


The most important thing to birds is to have plenty of shelters to retreat from or discourage predators, but to homeowners, a prime consideration naturally is the size of their yard and the climate they live in. 


 When purchasing birding plants, there is no one size fits all proposition


 So you need to add aesthetics to your mix of things to consider for your hard but to attract birds, you need to provide dense shelter for them, which also has the added benefit of protecting the birds from inclement weather.

 Naturally, you'll want to add bird feeders in your yard and provide water for the birds, but by far and away, the most crucial factor is providing thick, dense shelter. provides a wide variety of birding plants, and if you are confused about which birding plants might best work for your situation, please call us. We'd be happy to make recommendations.

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