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Berry Plants For Zone 7 

 Blackberry Plant

 One of the most well-known berry plants, the blackberry plant, is a perennial shrub that grows an average of 4 feet tall in ideal conditions. Adaptable from USDA Zones 3 through 9, this plant does best in well-draining, rich soil, and part to total sun exposure. The blackberry plant fares well in many types of climates and therefore is a popular choice for hedges, fence cover, and barriers.

 Blackberry Shrub

 Though blackberry shrubs produce fruit similar to the blackberry plant, some key differences are. Unlike the blackberry plant, the blackberry shrub requires a trellis to support its long, vine-like branches. Branches require trimming at the end of each summer growing season; new branches will grow the following season. The blackberry shrub requires acidic, well-draining soil, full sun, and up to an inch of water a week (more in hot climates) to produce well. Blackberry shrubs grow from 3-6 meters (9-20 feet) tall.

 Berry plants begin sprouting small, five-petaled white flowers from early April to late May


 Black Raspberry

 The black raspberry is a North American native plant that produces dark fruit resembling the red raspberry. Black raspberries have a shorter season than blackberries and grow best in zones 5-8 in well-drained soil and full sun. Fruits are ripe when they go completely black. Black raspberry plants grow as thorny bushes mature at about 2-4 feet tall.



 The dewberry is often seen as a weed, but the berries are edible, and the leaves can be used to make medicinal tea. The dewberry's branches are covered in fine spines or "hairs," and the bush itself grows only about 2 feet tall. Unlike other berry plants, the dewberry requires less maintenance and attention, needing only partial sunlight and loamy soil. The fruits are not as sweet as blackberries or raspberries but can be consumed raw or made into jelly, jam, or even wine.

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