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Black raspberry 

Black Raspberry is widely known for its sweetness.

 It contains numerous beneficial nutrients such as dietary fibers, riboflavin, and vitamin C to aid digestion. It also helps prevent cancer cardiovascular disease, high in anti-aging properties. That is because of the anthocyanins in black raspberry at high levels.

 Bottom line: Black Raspberry is good for you!

 At first glance, blackberry may look like a relative of raspberry, but their genetic difference sets them apart. Blackberries are closely related to other bramble fruits, whereas raspberries are more closely related to other stone fruit such as peach or plum. Blackberry plants were initially developed in Europe since the Middle Ages, while raspberry plants were originally from the United States, Europe, and North Africa.

 Black raspberry is often used as a modern substitute for blackberry in cooking recipes since it's juicier and has a milder sweet taste. You can find it in jams, syrups, pies, wine, and many other dishes. The fruit may be frozen or canned to preserve its fresh taste for up to a year or longer.

 Frequently asked questions

Is black raspberry very similar to wild red raspberry? 

 Yes - both types of raspberries fall under the Rubus genus, along with dewberries and blackberry.

 Is black raspberry a type of berry?

 Yes - a fruit that grows in a protective receptacle forms from the stem or stalk. Other types of berries include blueberry, strawberry, and cranberry.

 What's so good about Black Raspberry?

 Black raspberry is rich in antioxidants, dietary fibers, and vitamin C to aid digestion. As mentioned earlier, it helps prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, and anti-aging properties due to anthocyanins found at high levels in black raspberry. It also contains numerous beneficial nutrients such as riboflavin which exists at high levels in Black Raspberry can help improve your eyesight! Another benefit is its anti-inflammatory property which is excellent for people with arthritis symptoms.

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