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Berry Plants are grown worldwide in a wide range of climatic conditions

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Berry Plants

1. Black Raspberry

2. Dewberry

3. Low Bush Blueberry

4. Blackberry

5 Baneberry


 Today berries are grown worldwide in a wide range of climatic conditions. They are grown in many different ways and different types of soil; Most berries are grown in the world's temperate zones because they are cold hardy. Here we will discuss some common berry plants.


 1. Blackberry Plant

 Blackberry Plants are grown in gardens and yards. They are small shrubs and can be grown to 10 feet in height. Blackberries are usually grown from root cuttings or seeds. The plant produces berries that look like tiny black grapes. They have a sweet, tart taste and are very good for making jelly or jam during the summer months when they ripen into maturity.


 2. Dewberry

 Red-haired stems of Dewberries are beautiful in the garden. Dewberry is easy to grow and can be planted in a small space. It has small, red flowers which appear on the branches in summer. They are followed by small black berries that become hard and dry when they mature. Dewberries should be harvested before they get ripe and dried, losing their flavor.

Berry plants are low-growing and short-lived perennial plants


3. Pokeweed Plants

 The pokeweed plant is a herbaceous perennial that grows to 2 feet. The leaves have a long taproot and grow in clusters of three, forming dense mats around the base of the plant. It has large, palmately lobed leaves that are dark green above and lighter green below. Many small, yellow flowers appear in spring through early summer.


 4. Baneberry (Veratrum nigrum)

  Baneberry produces tiny blueberries, which are edible when they are ripe. The leaves and roots of this plant contain an alkaloid called veratrine, which acts as a natural pesticide. The rhizome of the baneberry contains the highest concentration of veratrine. Native Americans use it as a natural pesticide to prevent crop damage caused by insects and mammals. The berries are eaten fresh or dried, but they are often made into jams or jellies or used in teas.


 The high nutritional value of berries makes them healthy food for human consumption. Since they are grown in almost all parts of the world, berries are available throughout the year. The berries are rich in vitamins and minerals, providing a good source of fiber.

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