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Beginner Plant Packages are easy to plant and require low maintenance


 When you are new and don't know much about plants, it can be not easy to choose or know what type of plants you want for your garden. These are some of the plants suitable for beginners starting out planting. These plants are easy to plant and require low maintenance.


 Some of the plants you will expect in the package include;


Types of these plants




 These plants live for three years and above, producing beautiful flowers. Their flowers bloom for a short period. You can plant these plants at any time of the year or season. They require low maintenance, and all they need is pruning and little water. They include; pink trillium, Solomon's seal, painted trillium, partridge pea, aster plant, violet.


Fern plants


 They are evergreen plants that make an excellent addition to a shady garden


 They can adapt to all environments and conditions. They help purify the air and provide health benefits to human beings; for example, Christmas, Ostrich, New York ferns, fiddlehead, sensitive fern, leatherwood fern, walking fern, and lady narrow-leaf glade fern.


Live Garden Moss


 These plants are vibrant, and they bring attention to your interior by giving it a rich design. They help prevent air pollution and control soil erosion in acidic rain. They require low maintenance and thrive in areas with high moisture levels. They include; Hedwigia moss, Real Mood Moss Bowl, 6 Real Moss balls, Mood moss decor, hair cap moss.


Native plants


 These plants require less water, and they reduce air pollution. They also provide shelter and food such as nectar for animals. Some of the plants include; pink trillium, persimmon tree, smooth sumac, red dogwood


Ground cover


 These plants are a great alternative to grass. They do not require weeding, and you will have an easier time maintaining them. They also help prevent soil erosion.


Flowering plants


 They produce bright flowers and fruits, thus making your home beautiful. They will help you to relax, focus and increase your mood. They help to bring life to your home. Some of these plants are birding plants and have nectar which will help attract birds such as hummingbirds to your homestead. They include; the tree of heaven, red dogwood, pink crape myrtle, pink dogwood, and hibiscus.


Deer-resistant plants


 These plants will help you keep away the deer and rarely damage the deer.


Food plot plants


 These plants will help you promote and feed wildlife such as deer, turkeys, and geese—water willow, persimmon tree, and bamboo, among others.


Mosquito repellant plants


 These plants help to keep away mosquitoes from your homestead. Examples are; Nepeta, Tagetes and Melissa, Petunias, nasturtiums and Zinnias.

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