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Aquatic Plants live in or around water, whether freshwater or salty water

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Aquatic Plants

 1. Bulrush

 2. Cattails

 3. Red Cardinal

 4. Bamboo

 5. Coontail


 Aquatic plants live in or around water, whether freshwater or salty water. These plants are found in aquariums, water gardens, and decorative ponds. There are different aquatic plants, each having its color, shape, smell, and a unique benefit to the environment.


 Moss is an aquatic plant, meaning it grows well in areas with shades, water, and high moisture levels. Moss is a good plant for landscaping due to its nature of staying lush and green all through the year. Another benefit of moss is that it helps purify the air, controlling the stagnant water making it a free mosquito zone. Some types of moss, such as carpet and sheet mosses, help stabilize and richen the soil and smooth out unwanted weeds below the water.


 Pennsylvania sedge is another aquatic plant that grows on freshwater mudflats, ponds, ditches, irrigated fields, and other moist areas


 The plant is notorious for attracting bees and butterflies, and therefore, beekeepers and butterfly keepers can have this plant. Also, it is well known as a duck magnet for its capabilities of attracting water flows such as Ducks, doves, geese, and other game animals. Another advantage is that it covers marsh birds, immature waterfowls, and wintering pheasants.


 Switchgrass is the grass that grows well in wet and moist soil. It is well known for its capabilities in decorating the garden. The plant looks well, especially when mixed with flowers and shrug arrangements. It can also be grown at home since it can do well in a pot. Switchgrass is also well known for its changing of colors during different seasons. Switchgrass has deep roots, and that makes it prevent soil erosion. Switchgrass is also recommended for livestock hay. Some scientists want to use it as biofuel.

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